Friday, April 29, 2016

Portfolio Update - 29 April 2016

The stock market went yoyo this month. Towards middle of the month, STI rallied more than 100 points, but soon loss steam. Negative corporate earning news from US and BOJ's decision not to hand out further stimulation caused the market to trade lower. At the end of the month, STI returned to where it started a month ago.

STI closed today at 2,838.52, down 2.38 points, or 0.08% from last month. My portfolio performs slightly better. Its value rose 0.89% from end of March, net of fresh fund injected.

I bought some SingPost shares this month, when the price dipped upon news that the designated new chairman declined the post. This is the only share trade this month. I subscribed to the retail bond from Perennial.

Total passive income received this month was S$11,700. Most of the dividends were from Unit Trust as April is generally a "dry" month from share dividend.

With economy slowing down and still no sight to the end of oil crisis and China problem, I will also adopt a cautious stance and make use of this period to build up the cash portion of my portfolio. I will still invest when good opportunity presents itself. Meanwhile I am looking forward to next month's bumper dividend income.

Below are my top 30 holdings as at 29 April 2016. Ascendas H Trust dropped off the list and was replaced by SingTel.

1.       SPH
2.       ComfortDelGro
3.       OCBC Bank
4.       Ausnet Services
5.       DBS
6.       Metro
7.       ST Engineering
8.       Kep Inf Tr fKa CIT
9.       SGX
10.   Frasers Comm Tr
11.   AIMSAMP Cap Reit
12.   Sembcorp Ind
13.   HTL Int
14.   Starhub
15.   CapitaLand
16.   SATS
17.   Ascendas Reit
18.   Keppel Corp
19.   CapitaComm Tr
20.   United Engineers
21.   Tai Sin Electric
22.   OUE
23.   Sing Inv & Fin
24.   KSH
25.   Stamford Land
26.   Nikko AM STI ETF 100
27.   SIA
28.   Mapletree Log Tr
29.   Nam Lee Metal
30.   SingTel

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Portfolio Update - 31 March 2016

March has been a relatively good month for investors. Global equity continue to recover from the fall earlier of the year. Attentions are still on if Fed will to hike the rate 4 times or 2 times in this year; as well as the development in Chinese market. e.g. the dovish speed from the Fed chief boosted the market yesterday.

STI continue to recover this month. On 18 March it even turn positive for the first time in the year. Unfortunately the momentum could not maintain. As at today, the index closed at 2,840.90, up 174.39 points or 6.54% from last month. My portfolio, though recovering, did not do as well as the index. Compared to last month, its value increase only 4.72%.

As the index rose beyond 2,800, I slow down my fund injection into the portfolio. It is time to beef up the "war chest" again for the next wave of opportunities. I bought some Neratel shares this month, and received some Mapletree Industrial Trust and Capita Retail China Trust shares via scrip dividend scheme.

Saizen Reit pays twice dividend this month. The special distribution is actually return of capital so I do not record it as dividend income but rather  as a sales proceed. As a result of this "sell transaction", there is a negative cash injection of S$15,002 into the portfolio this month. This is part of the reason why the portfolio is under performing the index so much.

Excluding the special distribution from Saizen Reit, the total dividend income this month was S$6,764, from both shares and UT.

Going forward, I will still seek to invest in dividend stocks to boost my dividend income, but will be more cautious as the index has recovered.

Below are my top 30 holdings as at 31 March 2016. Saizen Reit dropped off the list after the capital return (special distribution). It is replaced by Mapletree Logistics Trust.

1.       SPH
2.       ComfortDelGro
3.       OCBC Bank
4.       Ausnet Services
5.       DBS
6.       ST Engineering
7.       Metro
8.       Kep Inf Tr fKa CIT
9.       SGX
10.   Frasers Comm Tr
11.   Sembcorp Ind
12.   AIMSAMP Cap Reit
13.   Starhub
14.   CapitaLand
15.   Keppel Corp
16.   HTL Int
17.   SATS
18.   CapitaComm Tr
19.   Ascendas Reit
20.   United Engineers
21.   OUE
22.   Sing Inv & Fin
23.   Tai Sin Electric
24.   KSH
25.   Nikko AM STI ETF 100
26.   SIA
27.   Ascendas-h Trust
28.   Stamford Land
29.   Nam Lee Metal
30.   Mapletree Log Tr

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Saizen Reit - Delisting

I have some Saizen Reit in my portfolio. Today the counter goes XD and the value dropped from $1.10 to $0.077. I will be receiving a dividend of $0.0283 per share on 29/3 and a capital return of $1.056 on 28/3.

For recording purpose, I will record only the 0.0283 as dividend received on 29/3. I will record a "sell" transaction today on Saizen Reit at the price of $1.055 today, and thereafter the shares will have a cost of S$0.01 per share. Hence there will be a negative cash injection to the portfolio.

Should there be a final payment in August before the Reit delists, it will be recorded as another "Sell" transaction.

This is just for my personal recording purpose only. Pure intuition, no science, so no why or why not another way.